Uki Pavlovic is a NYC-based Actor/Filmmaker/Model.

Born and raised in Serbia, he moved to the US to pursue acting and obtain a college degree. Uki was trained by a well-known Serbian actress and director Slavica Urosevic, while involved in The Acting Studio of Dom Omladine, Serbia. There, he landed leading rolls in two of her last plays, "The Royal Festival" and "See You in the Corner."

At the same time he was a member of The Film Studio also run by Urosevic, where he stayed four years. He wrote and filmed "Dust it Off", "Before You", and "My Mother", winning The Best Camera Award in 2010, at the Serbian Young Authors' Short Film Festival.

Uki is also the author of "Through Tija's Eyes", and "Through", both made after moving to the US. He appeared in Dominic Mazella's debut play "MASH", in the leading role of Duke Forrest. Besides Urosevic and Mazella, Uki also trained with Shawna Lucey and Snezhana Chernova.

He holds an AS in Film and TV Production from CUNY BMCC.

Currently, Uki is enrolled in acting classes at HB Studio, New York.


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